Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Why Do MPs Not Know When To STFU?

"I personally believe it's quite likely to happen"

Who invited the personal beliefs of MPs into this debate?  I personally believe it's unlikely to happen - does that matter?  What does BoatmanJoe of Margate think?  What does anyone's personal belief matter one jot?

"It's a comparatively easy way of..."

And there's the weasel word that saves this from being out and out bullshit.  "Comparatively" easy to LAUNCH INTO SPACE a NUCLEAR WEAPON and DETONATE IT.  Compared to what?  Detonating a nuclear weapon through a known, functional launching mechanism?  You know, like the ones that are routinely tested all the time? Comparatively easier than launching a manned vessel into space?

Seriously, why do we allow these arseholes to speak on our behalf?


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