Sunday, 5 February 2012

Captain "Coalition" Obvious

Hot off the back of the government's last health warning: My MP, My Doctor, comes their latest ill-advised, [each letter was meant to link to it's own retarded reader-comment, but I got very bored so there are only five links in the previous word (check each letter)] condescending blurb: Drinking 'little too much' alcohol.

As always, some commenters on the BBC are more backward than the article itself: "We have recognised the dangers that motorcycling represents through enhanced testing and increasing the minimum age for their use. Perhaps, as young peope seem unable to drink sensibly, we should increase the drinking age to 21. [sic]"  But you can still fuck at 16?  Good job.

Edit: (it's not even a true edit)  While writing this, the editor at the beeb chose the comment I linked to via the first "i" as an "editor's pick."

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