Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Always Keep The Receipt

mullet power receipt

I just found this receipt from Christmas last year. I don't remember buying any "Mullett Power Cards," nor do I know what they are, however, nothing is now more important to me than finding out. My life finally has direction.


TRMW said...

You can always ring them and ask about it... oh wait... its from Woolworths. Maybe they were the last known supplier of said item and now they're gone it will be impossible to find out. So while your life has direction, you will remain eternally un-fulfilled.

Phil said...

And now you know.

flex said...

Hey, thanks Phil. I love how that website classes these as an over-18s item. The mullets are obviously just to hardcore for minors.

Guess my life is now lacking in direction once more. Guess I'd better make some more poor quality chops to while away the days.

Phil said...

My work here is done.