Monday, 2 March 2009

Exponential Laughter Curve

Exponential laughter curve

a) "ZOMG that's the best Fritzl chop I've seen in my life"
b) "The detail is brilliant - look at the bear in the background"
c) "Oh, it's holding an ice cream I didn't even see that at first"
d) "Well, boss, it's not that I am an admirer of Fritzl or anything... Yes, I suppose it could be seen as insensitive."
e) "I'm aware that this is an improper use of company time and resources. It needs referring to HR? OK, I understand"
f) "You were left with no choice? Surely, there was some choice?? I have a family to support... what about my children.. and our, I mean their, children!"

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